Parent-Child Relationship Repair Services (PCRR)

You haven’t had recent contact with your child because you’re in the process of separating or divorcing. Maybe something difficult happened in your family or your relationship with your child is in jeopardy.

Moxie Inc. helps families in these circumstances through Parent-Child Relationship Repair Services. We take a team approach. One provider meets with the children, and another meets with the parents.

This approach allows the children to have a place to discuss their family situation with a person who is not also in the role of advisor for either parent. The children’s provider focuses on the children’s needs and feelings without being “lobbied” by either parent. The provider who works with the parents receives information about the children’s needs and concerns and uses this information to help the parents manage the difficulties the children are facing.

Sometimes, this takes the form of coaching or advising. At other times, parents have feelings or issues of their own that affect the parent-child relationship.

Because the entire family participates, children feel that they’re not left alone to tackle these difficult issues.

Parent-Child Relationship Repair Services are not a therapy service. Health insurance will not cover the cost.


PCRR Screening:
In some cases, the court has determined that Relationship Repair Services are warranted and has ordered a family to participate. In other cases, the parents or the court are unsure about whether a family’s needs can be met by PCRR services, or whether the timing is right for this intervention. For families in the latter circumstance, we offer PCRR Screening. These may include a meeting with each parent, information gathering from documents of collaterals, or attorney consultation to determine whether PCRR services are likely to be of benefit at this time.

PCRR Consultation:
We also provide professional consultation services to therapists and family law professionals seeking guidance about managing a family experiencing parent-child relationship disruption.

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