ADR Concierge

Dr. Lysne is offering this new service to assist attorneys to design Alternative Dispute Resolution processes that are customized to meet the unique needs of a family.

What is an ADR Concierge?
A service for attorneys seeking to consider ADR options or custom design ADR services to meet the specific needs of a case or family. This may include consideration of various processes and providers, and pros and cons of various approaches.

How is it structured?
The service is provided by phone or zoom for a flat fee of $300. The Concierge will provide up to one hour of consultation about a case and the options for ADR services that best fit the needs of the family and their case. It may include one or both attorneys involved with the case. The meeting will not include clients.

What about confidentiality?
If only one attorney is seeking the consultation, this can be structured as Consulting Expert work to preserve the privilege of the work as Attorney Work Product. This option would create a conflict that would prevent the Concierge from serving in a neutral role as ADR provider.
If the Concierge consultation includes both attorneys in the meeting, the neutrality of the provider is preserved, so the concierge may be able to serve in a neutral ADR role.

What’s the purpose of ADR Concierge services?
You’ll leave the meeting with a clear understanding of the ADR options and pros and cons of each. When both attorneys are involved, this may result in an agreement between both attorneys about the path forward.

What is needed to begin?
We will need full names of both parties in order to do a conflict check and make sure that we are able to provide neutral consultation. Once the conflict check is clear, you will sign an agreement for either ADR Concierge or Consulting Expert, depending on the format of the meeting being sought. The fee of $300 can be paid by one attorney’s office or shared between two offices.


Does this conflict out the provider from performing the role?
Consulting with only one attorney creates a conflict that prevents the provider from taking on any role as an ADR neutral but does not prevent them from assuming a non-neutral role.
Serving as ADR Concierge does not imply or require that the Concierge will fill the ADR role being considered.

Does this conflict out other providers at the Concierge’s firm?
No. As a mental health professional, I follow the rules of the Board of Psychology which direct that a provider cannot serve in multiple roles with a client or family, but there is no prohibition against other members of a professional firm from taking on various roles.

Does the concierge speak with clients directly?
No. This is a consultative service provided to attorneys.

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