Communication Consulting

Our conversations keep falling apart in the same place!

We keep having the same argument over and over! Why can’t we move on? Why can’t we just have a civil conversation about our kids?

Communicating clearly under stressful conditions can be difficult. It is frustrating to be misunderstood and it is difficult to listen. It is easy to give way to old habits that don’t work, unless you have developed new skills and new strategies that suit your new situation. With guidance, you can increase the odds of being clearly understood, and effectively get your business, or the business of parenting, accomplished.

When you participate in coaching on your own, you can develop a system to spot the familiar traps and navigate them in a new, more effective, way. You can manage the problems that have interfered in the past: feeling bullied, being manipulated, or getting overwhelmed. Being able to respond skillfully in these situations is a game-changer.

When you and your co-parent participate together, the two of you can build systems and strategies that recognize and avoid the trouble spots in your communication, and practice new patterns of information sharing and problem-solving in sessions. When both parents are involved, and both begin doing things differently, the changes can be even greater.

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